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Keeping your Information up to date with Parent Lite


As a school, we use SIMS Parent Lite to collect and process key information about your child and you as parents/ carers to ensure the data we hold is accurate and up to date. We also use SIMS Parent to allow you to provide Consents where necessary. You can update these consents at any time. We value your privacy and only process your information in line with our trust Privacy Policy.


You can read more about our Data Protection policies here

Available on iOS, Android and via browser ( the SIMS Parent app provides a convenient and accessible solution for you to electronically review and request changes to the data held on you and your children via smartphone, tablet, or PC anytime, anywhere, as well as see key term dates. You will be able to provide additional information on crucial details such as medical information or dietary requirements. When a change request is submitted by you, an alert is sent to the school office. Administrators will review requests and update our pupil/student database. From time to time, we will send notifications to remind you to update your child’s details or parental consents, eliminating paper-based data collection and manual errors.

Getting Started
We will send an activation email to your home email address. Simply click on the link from your tablet, PC or smartphone to activate your account. You can then login using your normal Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft username and password.


If you have children at different schools within the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, you will be able to see all children within the app if you have registered with the same email account. The app allows users to change school once inside SIMS Parent from a drop-down menu located on the school name in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Important Information about the menu options

  • Student Information – this contains basic information such as your child’s name, preferred name and date of birth.
  • Addresses – this is your child’s home address. You can add an additional address e.g. if your child lives with both parents
  • Telephones and Emails – this is your child’s home number. Please DO NOT add an email address for your child here.
  • Medical Details – this includes information such as medical practice, medical conditions and any disabilities. There is a drop-down list of medical practices and conditions, but you can add a new one if your child’s details are different.
  • Cultural Information – Your child’s first language is collected for all pupils and records the language as stated by the parent / guardian or child. This information is used for funding. Ethnicity is collected for all pupils and records the ethnicity as stated by the parent / guardian or pupil. It is not ascribed by the school.
  • Dietary Needs – please update your child’s dietary needs here. For allergies and gluten free needs, these should be supported by a letter from a medical professional.

The Department for Education places statutory duties on schools to process data and provide education to pupils. Where schools are fulfilling this obligation, consent is not required where the lawful basis for processing is statutory duty or public task. A number of activities in schools fall under these bases. For example, sharing school census data with the local authority, another example might be where a picture is taken of a group of pupils working during a lesson and the image has been put up on a notice board in the school as part of a school project, this is considered a legitimate educational purpose and is unlikely to cause prejudice to any of the individuals in the picture so consent is not required. Similarly, where a teacher uses video to record pupils in a PE lesson, to be played back to the pupils to discuss their performances, this falls under legitimate educational purpose and is unlikely to cause prejudice to any of the pupils in the video so consent is not required.

We do require your consent for the following items. These will appear in the ‘Parental Consent’ section of the app and may be updated from time to time. We will tell you when we update these consents.


  • Emergency Medical Treatment - We would always aim to contact the parent in the first instance, however in the event of a serious injury or accident or asthma attack, this permission allows us to contact the emergency services or obtain emergency medical treatment e.g. from the Medical Centre.
  • School Newsletter - Included in our school newsletter, we want to send you relevant and appropriate information about fundraising events with our FOBs or other local charities, and information about local commercial or not for profit services such as holiday clubs, child-friendly activities or other children’s services. To do this, we need your consent under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations so please be aware that by consenting, you agree to receive this information by electronic means. We will never sell your data. 
  • Local Off-Site Visit – from time to time, teachers may decide to visit a local building or area. Where a visit requires alternative footwear or a drink, we would normally advise you of this through the School Gateway, however, for short-duration, local visits, this consent acts as your permission for your child to participate in the activity.
  • Pupil photographs in Local Media - It’s great to celebrate the achievements and hard work of our pupils. Photographic images of pupils used in publicly available local media such as newspapers, web sites, newsletters or the school prospectus and other promotional material will not identify pupils’ full names unless parental permission has been given in advance. No identifying information will be shared (such as personal phone numbers, home addresses, and individual pictures with the pupil’s full name.) Class pictures will not identify where individuals are standing and will generally include at least three or more students. If individual pictures are posted of pupils, they will not include their name. We never share images of pupils on social media such as Facebook. 
  • Pupil photographs on School Website - Please note that websites [and social media platforms] can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom where UK law applies.
  • Sale of Group/ Individual Photos – We commission Tempest Photography school photographers to take photos of pupils which are uploaded to our student information management systems. By ticking consent, you agree to allow your child to be photographed, individually and with their class/group/team and that these photographs will be offered for sale to you (individual and group photos) and other parents (group photos only). You may be offered these photographs for purchase, but there is no obligation to buy your child’s photograph.  We always obtain data sharing agreements for any such providers. For information about Tempest’s Privacy policies please visit
  • Internet Access and Use - As part of our curriculum, pupils have controlled access to the Internet and learn how to use information sources on a wide variety of topics.  To guard against inappropriate material being accessed intentionally or by accident we use a filtered service provided by Schools Broadband which regularly monitors web sites and automatically blocks pupils access to inappropriate materials.  We teach pupils the importance of responsible use of the web as well as providing basic rules to maintain the privacy of pupils. For more information on E Safety Policies and practices please see the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust  website
  • Class Dojo - As part of our Remote Learning teacher's are using the Class Dojo platform. All parents will be invited to register for Class Dojo. A link will be sent to your contact email address. By accepting the link and registering with Class Dojo you are consenting to your child's information being shared between you and Class Dojo and the school on this platform. Please ensure that any photos you upload are appropriate and that your child and family members are fully dressed.  As always if you have any safeguarding concerns please contact a Safeguarding Lead.

           Class Dojo's Privacy Policy can be viewed here 


Please note: We do not ask your consent for the following, however, we would like to point out our Personal Use statement. 

  • Personal use acceptance: We recognise the importance of recording treasured moments and memories of children during their education within our school. In many cases when photographs are taken in school capturing educational moments, they provide much pleasure to parents and extended families. We accept, on trust, that all photographs and videos are for personal use and must not be published in local media, social media, or online. Photos and videos taken purely for personal use are exempt from the GDPR. Personal use may include: a parent takes a photograph of their child and some friends taking part in the school Sports Day to be put in the family photo album: these images are for personal use and the GDPR does not apply; Grandparents are invited to the school nativity play and wish to video it: these images are for personal use and the GDPR does not apply. 
  • Contacts
Please ensure that the contact information for your child is accurate and up to date. You will be able to see your own Contact Information, Address and Telephone/Email and that of your third-party contacts.
If you do not live at the same address as the other parents/carers with Parental Responsibility, you will only be able to see Contact Information (name, Parental responsibility status and contact priority status) for them unless you give us express permission to share your details with them. You will need to contact the school office if you are happy for us to share those details.
You will be able to see Contact Information, Address and Telephone/Email for any third party contacts e.g. Grandma, neighbour you have previously provided and edit these. If you do not wish those details to be shared please contact the school office.
Parental Responsibility – Please ensure that the Parental Responsibility slider bar is set correctly. For a definition of Parental Responsibility please read the following guidelines . This is usually the mother and father, but would not normally include grandparents, neighbours, friends or other family members.
Priority Contact – Where possible, please include one Priority 1, and one Priority 2 contact. Having multiple priority 1 contacts can be confusing and misleading in the event of an emergency, and we will always contact the next priority person if we cannot reach the first person.
Local Contacts – Where possible, the contacts should be local and accessible. A contact in Dorset or Dundee is not always best placed to help if your child is unwell.
Telephone Numbers – Please ensure you give us the contact numbers that you are most likely to have access to. Please do not give a work number if we cannot reach you on this number, or a mobile if you are never in range. Please ensure the slider bar is checked for your primary (main) contact number as we use this to reach you if your child is unwell.

Remember to Confirm your changes in the app once you have updated them. 

For information about the Privacy of SIMS Parent please click here ​ 
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