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Waitrose ‘Give a Little Love’

The children are delighted with 3 new Apple iPads from the generosity of Waitrose’s Give a Little Love’ who granted £333 towards the cost. Friends of Bradford School (FOBS) also supported the project following raising funds from their Bag2School collections and from the recent ParentKind PTA Raffle.  


Caroline Hawking, (FOBS Treasurer) who applied for the Grant said “since the children have returned to school it quickly became apparent that they would really benefit from additional iPads within the class so the children can work in smaller groups, and is a great addition to the previous 6 iPads which were purchased a couple of years ago. The children have enjoyed logging in quicker and increasing their knowledge around technology, including internet safety and research. By using the iPads daily their skills will be developed in readiness for their transition to secondary school, and has been invaluable since returning to school. We are very grateful to Waitrose for their support and kind donation, where the children have had immediate benefit, and will be used daily for years to come.”


Following the purchase of the iPads one of the pupils said “I real love using the iPads, it is much nicer that there are enough, so sometimes I get the chance to use it on my own”. Class 2 teacher, Miss Southam said “Since receiving the iPads, children in Class Two have been using them on a daily basis to support their learning. The children have been using a variety of Maths games to improve their fluency and confidence in their mental Maths. The older children have also been using them in English lessons to support and improve their writing, as well as being able to access the internet immediately for research. We will also be able to use them to improve the children’s understanding of video technology, to create and edit their own videos. We are incredibly grateful for the funding which allowed FOBs to buy the iPads for Class Two”.


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