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The Hedgehog Club Recycling Club

Whilst the Year 6 children were away on their residential trip the rest of the school took part in a recycling project and the Hedgehog Club was created.  The ethos of the Hedgehog Club is to try and recycle everything, make sure that lights are switched off, taps are turned off and little things are done to help save our special school environment.  The children started the project by finding out and researched about recycling they then set out to do some of their own.  Silly plant pots were made using string wrapped about plastic pots, noses and googly eyes were added and then they were filled with compost and a couple of seeds were planted.  A variety of insects were made from tin cans and corks, recycled boxes and straws were made into musical instruments, old material was sewed to make new decorations and new art was created from very old books.  Over the 3 days the children worked very hard and really enjoyed the project learning how important recycling is and what fun it can be.

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