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RHS Garden Rosemoor

On Friday 3rd November the whole school went on a trip to RHS Garden Rosemoor in Torrington.  During the morning Class 1 took part in a workshop led by John and Hilary called ‘Home for a Robin’ whilst Class 2 looked around the gardens and then after lunch Class 1 looked around the gardens and Class 2 attended their workshop called ‘Natural Dyes’. 


Lily Year 2 – ‘We went to a special place and John said how clever birds are and we had to make nests with pegs for a beak’


Jack Year 2 – ‘We saw some people in the gardens made out of plant pots’


Flora Year 2 – ‘The robin couldn’t decide which nest to sleep in so he decided he would take in turns’


Neve Year 3 – ‘We went to the woods to explore and saw the lake, we also saw two grey squirrels.  We saw an owl made out of old car metal and a fox made out of recycled metal’


Daniel Year 4 – ‘We made leaf pictures by putting leaves and flowers on pieces of cloth, covering it with cardboard and then tapping it hard with a mallet’


Tia Year 6 – ‘John showed us cotton and how to make natural dyes by using onion skins soaked in hot water which dyed the cotton string yellow.  We also made red and purple dyes using different types of trees and plants’

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