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New Smartboards

I am delighted that I have procured brand new Smartboards for the children at Bradford Primary School. This state of the art equipment replaces the very old interactive boards that weren’t working properly or not at all! The new screens will transform the teaching and learning experience for the teachers and children. They look like big TVs but in fact are like huge tablets that can be interacted with. The display, sound and touch quality is incredible and teachers will be able to easily remote into other classes or schools. New visualizers have also been purchased which will enable work to be instantly shared on the big screen. 


The children in Class 1 have already used their Smartboard to watch Jack in the Beanstalk online panto and Class 2 were very excited to have a go at using the new interactive screen even though it was only a quick play. Everyone enjoyed getting to write their name on the board.


We look forward to the new term when the children will be able to use them to their full potential in their lessons.


Lisa Paton

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