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'A Muggles Guide to Science'

On Saturday 10th March Emily, Ella, Tia, Bailey, Owen and Daniel attended ‘A Muggles Guide to Science’ morning at Kingsley School.


‘We made DNA pendants, slime and a robot made out of a toothbrush’ Emily - Year 6


‘We were put into houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, when we were in our groups we did slime DNA’ Daniel - Year 5


‘We played with a big ball full of static electricity which made your hair stand on end when you touched it’ Ella - Year 6


‘I was put into Hufflepuff and the first activity we did was creating magically moving toothbrush top’ Tia – Year 6


‘My group was Gryffindor, our first lesson was DNA, we had to put a cup full of salt and water in our mouths’ – Owen Year 5

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