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8th June 2016

On Wednesday 8th June our Year 6 children Rebecca, Luke & Sophie went on a 'Move on Up' transition day to Holsworthy Community College in preparation for their move in September. Here are their comments about the day:-

Rebecca - 'I enjoyed making new friends. I also enjoyed the P.E. as I love sports. The cooking was really nice it was just that I didn't like the banana milkshake. I am not very good at art but I enjoyed it. I had a great time and I can't wait until I go."

Luke - "I enjoyed cooking eggie bread because I had never made it before. I am going to enjoy doing P.E. because I like lots of sports."


Sophie - "At Holsworthy we did art, cooking and P.E. I mostly enjoyed cooking as I like making things, we made eggie bread and it was really nice. The art was fun because we did printing. When we did P.E. we did different activities. I am looking forward to the different lessons there."

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