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28th January 2016

News from Bradford and Black Torrington


Federation Netball Match On Wednesday this week, there was a friendly Federation netball match at Bradford Village Hall against Langtree Primary School. The children were mixed into two teams, involving all children that were able to attend, from both Bradford and Black Torrington Primary Schools, from years 3 to 6. Langtree brought along their usual league team and a second team of children that do not get a chance to play in the league. The more experienced teams played first in a very closely fought match, the final score was a win to Langtree 12 – 10. It was fantastic to see the Federation children playing together as a team; showing great sportsmanship and team spirit; especially as most of them have not played together before. Langtree are undefeated in the Holsworthy league at the moment so this score is a great result.


The second match involved younger players from the Federation, many of whom playing in their first ever netball match. Again they soon gelled and played as a team, the final score was 9 -3 to Langtree but a valiant effort by everyone.

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