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22nd May 2017

On Monday 22nd May the children in Class 2 went on a trip to the Eden Project. A big thank you goes to FOBs for covering the cost of the entry tickets.


‘We went to the Eden Project and did a Chocology workshop. We held cocoa pods andin the Mediterranean dome we had a story about an old man who recycled hisclothes.’ Ella Year 5


‘In therainforest dome we dressed up and acted out different scenes and the mainpeople in the Chocology workshop were Hope, Felix, Cacao and Cortez.’ DanielYear 4


‘I hada really fun day. First we put our bags and coats in the education block andthen we looked around and did a Chocology talk and we got some prizes and hadto dress up. We got some chocolate at the end.’ Conrad Year 6

‘Ienjoyed it at the Eden project because when we got there we looked around someof the domes and we saw a big model of a wasp. Then we looked around therainforest dome and after lunch we had our workshop and went back in the domes,it was very hot!’ Emily Year 5

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