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12th July 2017

Thewhole school went on their end of year trip to Crealy. All of the children hada fantastic time on all of the rides and had a fantastic day. The highlight ofthe day for Class Two was definitely the Aqua Blasters – Small boats equippedwith water blasters! The children all enjoyed getting others wet, especiallyMiss Southam, Mrs Carter and Mrs Daniel!


Niall –“I enjoyed going in the soft play and running around.”

Owen –“I had a great day, my favourite thing was the log flume because you wentreally high before dropping into the water.”

Vicky –“My favourite ride of the day was the aqua blasters because we got everyoneelse wet using the water squirters.”

Tia –“It was amazing. There were loads of rollercoasters and everyone had a greattime.”

Sophia– “I enjoyed the spinning rollercoasters because it was really calm to beginwith and then went really fast!”

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