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Our School Year in Pictures 2020 to 2021


Wild Tribe for Class 2 - Week 3




Years 3 & 4 Outdoor Learning




Years 5 & 6 Shoreline Outdoor Adventure Day




KS2 Wonderstruck Worshop




Wild Tribe for Class 2 - Week 2




KS2 Athletics Workshop




Wild Tribe for Class 2 - Week 1




Team Work for Class 2




Listening Skills in Wild Tribe




Equal Groups in Maths




Finding and Identifying British Plants




Counting in 10's




'Den Building' in Wild Tribe




'How Do Our Muscles Work?'




KS2 Cricket Workshop




Wild Tribe Ranger Day






OGDEN Trust Space Workshop




Class 1's Stick Buddies




Clay Faces in Wild Tribe




Multi-Skills with Mr Pugh




Wild Tribe for Class 1




Making Sliders and Levers




Road Safety Awareness




Collating Data




Class 2 Orienteering




Rocket Cars








Air Powered Rockets




Healthy/Unhealthy Choices with Fruit




Shades of Colour




Scientific Measuring








Mother's Day




Thank You Pictures for Home




Christmas Crafts






Christingles and Carols






Making 3D Shapes




Captain Cook Sails into Botany Bay




Tothill's Chocolate Shop




Spots & Dots in PE




Odd Sock Day




'Australian Habitats'




KS2 Invasion Games




Class 1's Children in Need Fundraiser






Where is Australia??




Firework Pictures




Pop-Up Cards




Super Hero Day for Class 1




Favourite Yoga Poses of Class 1




Number Line Adding




Peter Panda's Adventures




Class 1 Testing their Senses




Artificial Colouring Investigations




Class 1's Autumn Explore




Acting 'Don't Spill The Milk' Story




Fruit Portraits




Fruit & Vegetable Mini-Beasts




Experimenting with Wax and Paint




Mini-Beast Habitat Matching




Using Repetition on Scratch



Electricity in Science




Creating Masks using an Etching Effect 




Making Mini-Beast Houses




KS1 Multi-Skills



Crumble Time




Lois Mailou Jones




Harvest Posters




3 Words to Describe Myself




Care Farm Visit




Magnifying Glass Science Skills




Learning About Ourselves




Class 1 Self Portraits




Using the Computer Programme 'Paint'




Creating a Maths Quiz




Yoga Time




Creating 'The Enormous Turnip' Characters




Alma Woodsey Thomas Inspired Artwork




Resilience Challenge



'The Enormous Turnip' Paintings



Our School Year in Pictures 2019 to 2020


Daya's Visit




Years 5/6 Careers Morning




Invertebrate Hunt




World Book Day




Class 1 Poem Sharing



Animal Club Artwork




North Devon Gymnastics Competition




Frog Art




Moon Landing



Life Cycle of a Frog




Investigating a Pond's Habitat







William Morris Inspired Prints






Model Boat Making



Roman Chariots Final Designs






Roman Chariot Prototypes




Tasting Our Shop




Making Soup




Performing Arts for Class 1



What are we Planting?




Making Pan Pipes




Roman Shields Homework





String Telephones




Knex Chariots




Illustrator, Joseph Witchall



Holsworthy Library Visit




KS2 Gymnastics Competition




Celebrating 'Chinese New Year'




Apple Pie Time!!




Performing Arts




Re-Creating 'George and the Dragon' Story




Class 1's Fruit and Vegetable Shop




Creating a Poem about Ice




Panto Trip




Carol Service




Christmas Play




Making Reindeer Food and Pictures





Class 2 Ship Homework




Christmas Lunch




First Aid Workshop




Open Reading Morning




Care Farm




Fire Safety Talk




States of Matter




Mini Police Visit




Christmas Craft Day




KS2 Tag Rugby Festival




'Billy Goats Gruff' at Bridgerule Primary School



Making  Umbrella's For a Teddy Bear




Doesn't Everything Melt When It Get's Hot?



Poddley Fun




Book Swap




Absorbency Experiments




Multi-Skills Festival




'Dear Zoo' & Music




Making a Map of the Classroom




'Hibernating Hedgehog'




Making Bread for Harvest




Ancient Art Falconry




Chemical & Physical Weathering Experiments




Re-Creating Picasso Portraits




Making A Teddy Bear Playground




'Be Internet Legends'




Northam Burrows




Ability Games




Making and Eating Crumble




Autumn Walk




Humpty Dumpty Science




Making Incy Wincy Spiders




Tasting Tea for I'm a Little Teapot




'The Day the Crayons Quit'




Puppet Show




Planting Bulbs



Our School Year in Pictures 2018 to 2019


Class 1 and 2


Leaver's Assembly






Trethorne - End of Year Trip






Summer Walk






Federation Sports Day




Class 1 Pirate Day






Lifesaving Skills in Swimming




KS2 Cricket Festival




New Climbing Frame





Making & Sailing Boats






Ocean Pictures




Years 5 & 6 Oceanfest




Class 1 Beach Trip






Social Lunch




Seafood Feast




Lighthouse Making




Learning with Bee Bots



Cricket in PE




Learning About Electricity






Cookery Club





Ball Skills in PE





Piglet Visit




Recycled Turtle Made of Plastic Tops



Reading Buddies




Sea Shell Art




Years 3 & 4 Adventure, Okehampton






RNLI Lifeguard Assembly




Healthy Eating Faces






Plastics Pollution Workshop






Gardening Time






Weighing and Measuring




Wild Tribe








Favourite Art Club Pictures




Care Farm






North Devon Schools Gymnastics Competition






Class 2 'Hidden Depth' Drama Workshop






'Bad Tempered Ladybird' Maths Activities




Pan pipes Made Out of Recycled Straws




Social Lunch




World Book Day




Mrs Recycle Visit




Pancake Day




KS1 Dance Festival




Following Instructions to Make a Jelly




Preparing the New Pond Area






Police Visit






Following Instructions to Make a Sandwich






Chinese New Year Celebrations





Class 1 Making Bird Food




Balancing in Gym Club



Milano Gymnastics Competition






Judo Skills Festival





Honey (Class 1's Bear) Birthday Party




Class 1 Making Party Cakes




KS2 Dance Festival




Fire Safety Talk






Making Natural Potions






Laying a New Pond Liner




Making Vegetable Soup






Painting with Snow Paint






Exploring a Frosty Morning




Ice Rescue in Class 1






Panto Time




RHS Rosemoor






Christmas Lunch




Carol Service






FOBs Christmas Shop




Maths Session for Parents




The Number 100 Challenges




KS2 Tag Rugby Festival




Sewing Teddy Bears in Class 1







Year 3's Making Shapes in Maths




Class 1 Learning with Money






Class 2 Using Beebots






Making Marmalade Sandwiches in Class 1




Children in Need




Class 1 Multi-Skills Festival




Bee Bots in Class 1










Class 2 Viewfinder Art





Social Lunch




Class 1's Autumn Walk






Class 2's Finished Poppy Pictures



Macmillan Coffee Afternoon




Class 1 Visit Holsworthy Museum






Harvest Festival






Class 1 Making Bread for Harvest




Class 2 Sowing Wild Flowers






Class 2's Architecture Homework




Gaudi Mosaic Making in Class 2






Tie-Dying in Class 1






Class 1 Dance in PE




KS2 Cross Country




Care Farm Visit






Painting Poppies in Class 2




Ability Games for Class 2




Paint Ice-Cubes




Welcome to Marmalade and Honey



Kaleidoscope Making In Class 1






Blackberry Picking




Our School Year in Pictures 2017 to 2018


Class 1 and 2


Hockings Ice-Cream




Leaver's Assembly






Circus Bazercus












Federation Sports Day






KS2 Rounder's Festival






Gruffalo Challenge Morning






The Hedgehog Club Recycling Project






Year 6 Residential to Bristol 






Social Lunch




OceanFest for Years 5 & 6






Man Made Weaving in Class 1




Creating Air Raid Compositions




Making Biscotti Biscuits




Class 1's Natural Weaving






Class 1 Pop Up Shops Using Real Money




Class 1 Multi-Skills






Year 3 Learning with Bee-Bots




WW2 Anderson Shelter Making






Class 1 Medieval Day






Year 5 Residential - Manor House Hotel, Okehampton




Royal Wedding Celebrations






Class 2 Cobbaton Combat Collection






Class 1 Launceston Castle Trip






Years 3 & 4 PGL Day





Year 2's Making Dragon Food









Class 2 - Wild Tribe






Easter Egg Hunt



Easter Service





Dentist Visit




North Devon Gymnastics Competition





Dance Showcase




Maths Session for Parents





Teddy Bear's Picnic in Class 1






Awful Auntie Theatre Trip




Explorer Dome






Visiting Lambs




Air Ambulance Talk




Tadpoles in Class 1




World Book Day Potatoes






Snow Remains




Social Lunch




Chinese New Year Cooking






Year 6 Federation Writing Day




Pancake Making in Class 1






Easter Craft Day






Years 5 & 6 Internet Safety Talk




Class 1 Aquarium Trip






Music Tuition Assembly




Class 2's Egyptian Homework





KS2 Gymnastics Competition






Wonderstruck Science Show





Albert Bear Visiting Class 1






Making Scones in Class 1





Class 2 Dance in PE






Mummifying Class 2 Style






Telling The Time






Class 1 Gymnastics in PE






KS2 Dance Festival







Ice Cream Polar Bears






Fire Talk







Christmas Play





Panto Trip




Carol Service




Christmas Shop




Christmas Lunch






Class 1 Christingle Making




Class 1's Visit from Father Christmas




Class 1 Weaving Display




Class 1 Cookery




Class 2 Henna Biscuits




George's Marvellous Medicine




Class 2 Venetian Masks




Class 1 PE Lessons




Making Hot Air Balloons




Diwali Celebrations




Class 2 Bread Making




Year 6 Federation Writing Day



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